The Lions Foundation at Albany


Your Lions Eye Institute today is testimony to the financial generosity made to the Lions Foundation at Albany, NY Inc. by countless Lions in our region. Since the area Lions first became involved in 1987, millions have been raised to build and equip the Lions Eye Institute.

Why does the Lions Foundation seek a new level
of commitment and support?

The simple answer is that the need to keep your Lions Eye Institute at the forefront of patient care, eye research and sight education is ongoing.

Sight saving new treatments and procedures are constantly being sought and discovered, both within and outside the walls of the LEI. Computer and communication technology is also offering opportunities to improve patient care, including telecommunications systems which allow doctor/patient, educator/student to share medical information across great distances. New educational programs are continually being developed and implemented to educate physicians, patients and communities on eye health. Bringing these things, and more, to the patients of the Lions Eye Institute is why we seek your support.

Why can’t the Lions Eye Institute purchase these things on it’s own?

The truth is that income from patient payments, third party payers like insurers or HMO, or Medicare/Medicaid reimbursements just pay for the basic day-to-day operation of the LEI.

The real elements that make the LEI unique maintaining state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technology, supporting leading edge eye research, and contributing to the educational programs for residents and community ophthalmologists–happen only because of philanthropy. Donations provide this margin of excellence. They are the difference between being an average eye institute, or being your Lions Eye Institute.